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We are a group of innovators and planners who strive to build the homes and communities of the future. We create and implement our designs around quality, time-efficiency and strength so that our clients can focus on what’s important.


1.Residential Properties

At Prahant Construction, we aim to ensure that each one of our clients can bring their vision to life with our modern and innovative designs as well as our quality-oriented construction process. 

2. Commercial Spaces

Business is at the center of how our lives function. That is why we want to focus on creating the space for entrepreneurs to bring their visions and opportunities to life.

3. Green Space

In our modern world, Green Space is becoming an increasingly vital component of our lives. To revitalize our communities, we work with our clients to ensure that public parks, trails and forests are effectively implemented through our projects

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Our Specialties

Prahant Construction has carefully developed key skills crucial to the success of any development venture. These skills shape the ways we approach project requirements and ensures that we exceed our client’s expectations.

Property Developers

With various types of properties in a large community, we have a residence for every client


Every neighborhood needs greenery, and that's why we are investing in parks and trails

Quality Assistance

Prahant Construction is always willing to provide quick and effective assistance over all our properties


We strive to provide convenience and accessibility through our property developments


With modern designs and a passionate team of developers, Prahant Construction plans on making the homes of the future

Building For Everyone

Regardless of whether you are a new home owner or an experienced buyer, Prahant Construction can build a property that suits you

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